Love Gifts Poems

Love Gifts Poems
By Tanure Ojaide

Issued:   2012
Format:   Paperback
ISBN:   978-0-9790858-4-0

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Love Gifts is a love sequence: the poetic rendering of the relationship between the ministrel and his muse over a long period. The poet uses the relationship of the two personages to investigate the human condition; hence the poems deal with dreams, desires, frustrations, hopes, contentment, and seeking meaning in life. The poetic canvas links the two figures to other relationships and happenings of their time in an all-embracing manner. In a way, minstrel and muse, lovers, are in these "song" sharing a unique relationship with readers as they affirm their humanity and tell the complicated passage they navigate hourly and daily as members of a particular society. The relationship develops from the inexperience of neophytes, unsteady in their ways, to the stage of depts who are sure of themselves and their "rites." The poems are thus a sort of courtship sequence.

Tanure Ojaide is currently the Frank Porter Graham Professor of Africana Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has published seventeen collections of poetry, two memoirs, four novels, three short story collections and scholarly works. He has won many literary prizes including the Commonwealth Poetry prize for the African region in 1987, and the ANA Cadbury Poetry Prize in 2011

Love Gifts Poems